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Assume wc3 behaviour for now.
I know we should always take WC3 as a parameter for comparison, since it was the original engine behind everything.

But, if I may, I'd like to make a point here:
A lot of things changed from Dota1 to Dota2, and I really don't feel like hating any of them.

One of the things I'm liking the most is the fact that you can hear things in FoW.
At first I thought it was intended. But reading this right now, I'm getting pretty upset thinking about that it's a bug and it will be "fixed".

My point is, straightening it up: There should be no reason in "fixing" it, as, at least for me, it seems to be pretty normal and acceptable that you can hear sounds from FoW.
Maybe just keep a few Global, like Dismember and Stampede (maybe some others?), and let the others skills only be heard if you are in the range of hearing it (let's say, same range as night vision).
It just feels, sorry for the expression, retarded that you can't hear through fog of war.
Seriously, think about it. Why shouldn't you hear something just because you can't see it?
Just because "WC3 Dota was like this"?

Those where my two cents.
Thanks for your attention.