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Thread: Sanct Air is too hard to notice?

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    Sanct Air is too hard to notice?

    It's about the 1 Unusual Essence Seraphic Greevil, the effect is too hard to notice that turn it into a kind of wasted Unusual Essence...

    Can you guys just beef up the particle a bit? I love the DiscoBall effect but still, they aren't visible enough. But of course, don't make the beefed up particle effect outclasses the 2 Unusual Essence.

    And about this problem, IDK if 1 Unusual Essence other colour Greevil has this kind of problem.
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    I'm not epileptic but I'm a bit sensitive to flash light spot and the "disco light" effect with one unusual essence is really disturbing and annoying for me. The fact that it is just a small spot, as OP stated, makes the epileptic effect even worste. And the worste part is that when the disco seraphic is in my screen, my eyes are immediatly attracted by this flash spot.

    Is it possible to get something a bit less rough for eyes?

    What is the point of getting a custom courrier if I can't look at it more than 5 sec without feeling uncomfortable? :S

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