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Thread: [Confirmed] Movement at the limits of the Kinetic Field and Pounce Leash

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    [Confirmed] Movement at the limits of the Kinetic Field and Pounce Leash


    Units that are trapped inside or outside of the Kinetic Field cannot move until they exceed the tangential direction, after hitting the limits of the Kinetic Field.
    Units that are trapped by the Pounce Leash cannot move once they hit the extents of the Leash in a same/similar way.

    Reproducement Steps:
    1. Create a Slark and a Disruptor on the same team
    2. Create a dummy enemy unit
    3. Cast Kinetic Field around the dummy unit or Pounce upon dummy
    4. Move dummy to the extents
    5. Try to move somewhere tangential to the visual (Kinetic Field) or imaginary (Pounce Leash) circle


    The dummy unit turns the way you have pointed him/her to, but doesn't move.

    Expected Result:

    The dummy unit walks against the Kinetic Field barrier or tries to extend the Leash towards the direction you have ordered him/her to go.
    Basically the dummy unit should end up at the location that is the closest point of the visual/imaginary circle.


    The current Kinetic Field can be somewhat reasonable... I mean, it is an electric field. It is kind of logical that it paralyzes the units that are trying to move along its extents.
    But it is totally wrong for the Pounce Leash. It's a leash. Think it like you have tied a rope to a metal ball, and then fixed the other end of the rope to the ground. If you apply a tangential force to the metal ball at the rope's limits just for once, the ball should be making circular movement until the friction stops it. Physics 101...

    Let's put the logic aside. This is different on both versions, therefore a bug.

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    units should not get stuck at the boundary anyway. maybe this is a difference in path finding.

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    makes sense. i think it should be adjusted.

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    added to sticky.
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    Aye its the whole a priori vs a posteriori problem with their movement prevention.

    In dota 1, its using an a posteriori movement trigger to simply move you back directly towards the center of the circle if your distance exceeds the AOE, so your new position is relative to where you would have walked. IE relative to your intended position instead of your old one. In dota 2, its stopping you from moving in the first place so it doesn't skid along the edges, instead getting "stuck". I see it all the time in game engines when someone is trying to do collision detection, its an easy way to get very frustrating controls

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