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Thread: Show TP Scroll CD on buyback status

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    Show TP Scroll CD on buyback status

    On the box where u see ur bb status, so i can be sure if i pay for bb i will be able to tp again to the fight.

    Happens sometimes for my, example when i get killed with a hero like Tidehunter, after that a tf starts and my team need my ult but im not sure if my tp cd is off (sometimes i buy with 15 sec for ex of cd, and the tf is over when i got there)

    Sorry my english is horrible

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    Mabye put it on the quick buy icon on the bottom right?

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    Actually this is a decent idea.

    If you don't have an intelligent reply for me, don't bother I will shred your non sense to pieces.

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    but that would lead to misinfomation

    gem has a buy cooldown, having a tp cooldown would mean that you cant buy this yet.

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    The wording on the OP is a bit confusing but I think the general idea is nice. I bet most of us have bought back for a fight, not realizing TP is still on cooldown.

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    ^ yep that's what i mean...


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    I like this. +1

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