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Thread: several music/audio type setting suggestions

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    several music/audio type setting suggestions

    I have a bunch of them many of them are actually probably from other games/applications but DotA2 should definitely have them.

    1: Allow users to change audio volume of both music and sounds by using "ctrl/alt + up arrow/down arrow" while in game or a lobby
    2: When starting DotA2 auto detect when music is playing from the desktop and adjust audio settings accordingly as to not overlap sounds making basically a bunch of garbled sounds mixed together (desktop music should always be defaulted over in game music)
    3: when you or another user is using the VOIP system auto adjust volume down to allow for a clearer sounds when someone is talking as well as helping with preventing other sounds other then your voice being heard over your mic, this will especially be useful to those who do not have a head set or use a combination of speakers and head set while playing.
    4: Allow users to talk to each other on both teams either during the picking phase or during the end of a game and/or allow for users to talk to each other using a different push to talk key to talk to everyone during the game.

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