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Thread: [Confirmed] Denied creeps while under Astral Imprisonment give XP

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    [Confirmed] Denied creeps while under Astral Imprisonment give XP

    As pretty much EVERYONE who talks about OD says (including people like Tobiwan and other casters), If OD denies a creep while his enemy is under the effect of Astral imprisonment/Disruption, that enemy should get the creep denied completely and get NO experience for it.

    - pick a hero (in my case DK)
    - create an enemy OD (-createhero obsi enemy)
    - createhero Ranged enemy (for creating a ranged creep)
    - levelbots 25, then max Astral Imprisonment and Stats
    - use your own hero (DK) to bring the creep low HP
    - Banish your own hero (DK), then deny the creep while he is banished

    - You got still quite a lot of XP

    Expected Result:
    - You shouldn't have got any XP.

    For Reference:

    - Pretty much everyone, including casters like Tobiwan think that denied creeps don't give XP (that it's the same as in DotA 1). It's pretty annoying seeing everyone spreading those misinformation.

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