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Thread: Radiant and Dire Selection Music

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    Radiant and Dire Selection Music

    I absolutely love the Dire hero pick screen music. The crunchy guitar is a really nice counterpoint to the "evil fantasy"-type music that plays and really updates the music and really fits in well with the overall game design.

    On the other hand, the Radiant starting music is just a generic "good fantasy" tune that sounds like it was pulled from the WC3 school of bad fantasy video game music. I wish it could have something additional added to make it as effective as the Dire music. Maybe I am just being nitpicky, but I was wondering what other people thought.

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    You must be new to the whole DotA 2 thing. That starting music is from The International's waiting music, which is godlike.
    Also, I heard the original music composer for Warcraft 3 is now working at Valve.

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