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Thread: KotL recalling hero and then dying

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    KotL recalling hero and then dying

    When Keeper of the light recalls a hero and then dies shortly after; the allied hero will still be teleported to his death location. - Dota 2

    Expected: If KotL dies after recalling a hero then the recall will deactivate and the allied hero will not be teleported - Dota 1

    1.) Spirit Form
    2.) Recall a hero
    3.) Die while recall is still being semi channeled
    4.) hero will still be teleported

    Result: Hilarity ensures. (Not really. Just ends up with bad situations where more heroes die then expected)

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    I confirm this.
    Just one more death related issue to the List...

    (Unlike many, I really like the new design of YouTube, and the embedded videos look far better now... Just as if they custom designed for these forums)

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