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Thread: Improve shop search. Make shop seach faster and better!

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    Improve shop search. Make shop seach faster and better!

    Hello, what if instead of clicking the search, typing and buying, then deleting and searching again, we could do the same that we do when we pick heros.

    For example if I want to pick Invoker, I just type "INVOK", floating text appears, Invoker gets selected and press ALT+ENTER to pick him, then the floating text dissapears.

    If I regret my choice, I just can wait 2 secs for text to dissapear then type, who knows, "AXE", and Axe gets selected.

    We could do the same with shop, after you open the shop, you write "WARD" and the 2 wards appear in the shop, you buy the ward you need and then you need to buy a Quelling Blade, you write "QUELL" and the Quelling Blade appears. And if you want to make it even faster, you could press ESC to cancel your search, avoid waiting for text to dissapear and search something else.

    It's the same system, but the search always works and auto deletes, so you don't have to waste time deleting it to search something else, or delete it later when you revisit the shop, or even when you start another game! the last item you searched remains there!

    Of course, "Fast Shop Search" should be optional, it could be disabled from Options Menu, since there must be someone who uses custom macros, or in case Valve implements a new shop UI with new search system.
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    Would be useful. Or at least autoselect all previously entered text so when you start typing something new, it overrides the old search.

    Nothing more annoying than looking for my Shiva's Guard and it finds nothing cause it looks for "eulshiv", cause I built Eul's before.

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    This would make for a very handy enable-able option feature

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    Useful addition, I find myself typing over items I had searched before it way too much.


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    The text in the search box should not delete itself automatically.
    But you should be able to start typing without selecting the search box. And if it has text, only then it should be deleted.
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    I'll piggyback on this thread to add: I would love to be able to customize my shop hotkeys... I'd use them all the time but the default setup is so uncomfortable.

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    I'm glad you like the suggestion.

    Adding hotkeys to shop has already been suggested , it comes with a Dota1-like shop grid. Imo, when you select a 4x3 item rectangles, it highlights and you can use...

    Q W E R
    A S D F
    Z X C V

    ... to purchase items, or customize it.

    This thread is not the original, but it has screens to the grid.
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    Hi guys. I achieved something like you want.
    Your search typo can be holdable or toggleable and text also erases if shop closed.

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