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Thread: Chat wheel gets stuck if bound to ALT + hotkey.

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    Chat wheel gets stuck if bound to ALT + hotkey.

    This should be easy to repro, simply bind your chat wheel to ALT + any key in the options, then hit the hotkeys in game. The chat wheel should remain stuck on screen until you hit ALT + hotkey again, rather than issuing its text when you release the hotkeys.

    It also affects Roccat mice's "easyshift" function, which is nothing short of an alternative shift / alt modifier button. In other words the chat wheel will function incorrectly when bound to any combination of modifier + hotkey, not just ALT.

    EDIT: Okay this is a problem with ANY element in the game. Scoreboard, voice chat, etc. If you bind anything to a modifier + hotkey, you hit the modifier + hotkey and you RELEASE the modifier BEFORE the hotkey, the panel you popped up will stay stuck on screen.

    Bind scoreboard to ALT + anything, say Q

    Press ALT + Q in game

    Release Q then ALT, panel disappears correctly

    If you release ALT then Q however, the panel will stay stuck on screen.
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