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Thread: Dota 2's Most Wanted Heroes

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    Dota 2's Most Wanted Heroes

    I'd figured I'd make a fun thread here to lighten the mood and do something different on the Misc forum. If it gets locked, then whatever. I'll probably make it on Playdota instead.

    There's currently 13 heroes left to be ported into Dota 2 before the game is finished. Even though it's likely that new heroes will be added before all of these current heroes are added, I figured I'd make a thread where people can mention which heroes they are looking forward to being ported into Dota 2. I'll start by posting my list of heroes I want to see added to Dota 2 in order of my preference. The 1st on the list is the hero I want most and 13th will be the hero I want least.

    Everybody can post their own numbered lists for the heroes they want to see. I'll check in once or twice a day to tally your votes and rank every based on overall popularity. I'll allocate points to each hero and we'll see what heroes are most in demand. 1st picks are worth 13 points, 13th picks are worth 1 point. You can also talk about the unreleased heroes or have discussions about them if you like.

    Edit: Also, if any of these heroes get added and the thread is still relevant, I'll go back and edit the released heroes off of the list. I'll take the time to redistribute all of the points properly on my spreadsheet so the remaining heroes are properly ranked. We can then continue voting from there.


    1/9/13 - Medusa was added on test and retired at #5 (out of 15.)
    1/23/13 - Troll Warlord was added on test and was retired at #2 (out of 14.)


    1. You can post whichever heroes you want to see or play, even if you have never played them. Whatever interests you is fair game. Current hero progress doesn't have to matter.

    (Example: Everybody expected Medusa to come out soon and everybody wanting techies has practically become a meme, but this doesn't mean you have to rate those kinds of heroes high just to be trendy.)

    2. When posting your list, you must list all 13 heroes that haven't been added yet. Reference or lists below if needed.

    (I've made a couple of exceptions so far, but only for posters that have listed 12-13 heroes. I won't make any guesses for you or fill in your blanks, but I also won't deny you if you want to throw away your votes if you really don't give a damn. :P I'll fix common sense errors, but even though these rankings are for fun, i'm still not going to skew them just because you're feeling lazy.)

    3. Don't double post or list the same hero twice. I won't count it.

    (You can redo your votes by posting a 2nd time with a complete list. You can do this in case you wanted to troll post at first (or messed up) and you seriously came back and wanted to participate for real. Since I have the data in a spreadsheet I can take the time to edit your ranks. I'll count your most recent post and disregard your older one.)

    4. Avoid using abbreviations and acronyms if you can, but I'll try my best to keep track since I know most of the nicknames/names.

    (It's mostly to make it easier and faster to read the text and enter the data in.)

    5. Try numbering your list if possible. (1. 2. 3. etc.) If you don't number them, I'll read them from top -> down (most favorite -> least favorite.)

    (This is also to make it easier and faster for me to punch in the data.)

    6. If you add a hero that's already been released, I'll skip over it and continue in order.


    My Picks:
    1. Legion Commander
    2. Bristlebog
    3. Techies
    4. Skywrath Mage
    5. Arc Warden
    6. Lord of Avernus
    7. Ember Spirit
    8. Phoenix
    9. Tusk
    10. Winter Wyvern
    11. Soul Keeper
    12. Tribal Chieftain
    13. Pit Lord


    [B]OVERALL POPULARITY (Updated 1/24/13 9:31 PM)

    1. Lord of Avernus - 572
    2. Tusk - 546
    3. Bristlebog - 522
    4. Skywrath Mage - 482
    5. Soul Keeper - 472
    6. Goblin Techies - 468
    7. Tribal Chieftain - 459
    8. Phoenix - 451
    9. Pit Lord - 412
    10. Legion Commander - 409
    11. Ember Spirit - 404
    12. Winter Wyvern - 348
    13. Arc Warden - 279

    - Troll Warlord was added to the test server on 1/23/13 when he was ranked #2 in popularity. Been updating weekly.

    Votes Counted:
    asfastasican, lunatic3k, lukiose, shadowthanatos, magiolle, sharkslayer, bashtime, mrdeadcruel, joker.22, direclaw, bogdan_x, the4thsniper, sim, duoform, muddy_panda, jpzimm, korthac, thyl, velt, henhicks, Rezaruk_23, shabutaro, xeno2wad, arxos, gimli, catma, paykoman, cojiro, spinon, faustlim, phoenixclaw, ad-m, cybpooh, typhox, eggsplorer, felix, goyo, ringman, kann, banethulhu, jackieestacado, quiesce, spydymies, minazuki, shibubu, ranaki, clan_iraq, adilmaru, g43r, poochop, diamant, keowee, revin., noya, mooningcat, alexai, druid, tnag552, zeromurasame, daarkchaos, casaco da meia-noite, requested_username, whistle, dappidupp
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    Well...I've never played last 5 (first time on Shredder was in d2 ), so they all can be counted as same number

    1. Troll Warlord
    2. Tuskarr
    3. Abanddon
    4. Techies
    5. Tauren Chieftain
    6. Medusa
    7. Pit Lord
    8. Bristleback
    9. Soul Keeper
    10. Phoenix
    11. Skywrath Mage
    12. Arc Warden
    13. Ember Spirit
    14. Legion Commander
    15. Winter Wyvern

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    that hero list from valve had loa on the bottom

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    Quote Originally Posted by vladhood View Post
    that hero list from valve had loa on the bottom
    Yeah... I had Lord of Avernus at first as well but I was conflicted because I felt like people know him more as Abanddon. I'll probably change it back but the score is what matters either way.

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    1. Medusa
    2. Tuskarr
    3. Skywrath Mage
    4. Ember Spirit
    5. Legion Commander
    6. Tauren Chieftain
    7. Troll Warlord
    8. Bristleback
    9. Techies
    10. Phoenix
    11. Winter Wyvern
    12. Soul Keeper
    13. Pit Lord
    14. Arc Warden
    15. Abaddon

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    1. Medusa
    2. Skywrath Mage
    3. Tuskarr
    4. Winter Wyvern
    5. Zet (Arc Warden)
    6. Ember Spirit
    7. Troll Warlord
    8. Bristleback
    9. Abaddon
    10. Pit Lord
    11. Phoenix
    12. Tribal Chieftain (his new name in Dota 2)
    13. Techies
    14. Legion Commander
    15. Soul Keeper

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    1. Lord of Avernus
    2. Legion Commander
    3. Phoenix
    4. Skywrath Mage
    5. Bristleback
    6. Winter Wyvern
    7. Tauren Chieftain
    8. Ember Spirit
    9. Tuskarr
    10. Techies
    11. Pit Lord
    12. Medusa
    13 Arc Warden
    14. Troll Warlord
    15. Soul Keeper

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    I'd like to add negative votes to the following:

    Legion Commander
    Ember Spirit
    Winter Wyvern
    Arc Warden

    Hopefully I still have a few months of enjoyable dota before any of these rear their ugly heads in.

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    1. Techies
    2. Phoenix
    3. Soul Keeper
    4. Winter Wyvren
    5. Chieftain
    6. Tuskarr
    7. Ember Spirit

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