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Thread: Why on earth Do is this game a huge money sink?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thepersiangamer View Post
    I really dont understand why people are getting upset. if anything why not make it easier? Seems like has come to QQ.

    If the chance to get unusual x from a chest is 5%

    and after 20 chests you do not get one, then that is chance

    If valve would implement that you'd get an Unusual x after 25 chests of not getting one, then to keep the same rarity, the chance to get one from chests would drasticly be lowered (to about 1%)

    Is this what you'd really want?

    This just makes buying a single key less interesting (average player) and make it less interesting for large amounts of keys (always x y courriers)

    Not really an improvement

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    If op is actually retarded enough to buy thousands of keys to unlock chests rather than buying stuff with the keys, he deserves no less.

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    I will not spend 1 cent on Valve for as long as I live considering the bullshit they are spending their time and money doing. The game hasn't even come out yet and the only thing they are worried about are fucking items in the shop. Sorry, but I refuse to support a bunch of money grabbing scumbags. I will go back to Defense of the Ancients until a company can properly copy this game. Pretty sad after 7 years nobody can recreate this game properly. If only effort was put in, maybe something would get done.

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    If op is actually retarded enough to buy thousands of keys to unlock chests rather than buying stuff with the keys, he deserves no less.
    Honestly, where do all you trolls think your strange unusual whatever you traded for comes from? It is either randomly dropped, and if that was the only way to get it, that would make it even rarer and most likely out of your price range, not to mention dropped items dont have a strange designation, or.........IT COMES OUT OF A CHEST!! A chest that someone had to open. To open a chest, you need a key. Keys originate in the Valve store. You all act like no one anywhere has to pay money to open the chests!!! So if one of the people that actually pays to support the game that we all love so much wants to ask about the system used for keys and chests, why all the hate?
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    Quote Originally Posted by codibick View Post
    hey, i have a solution: let's not buy any shit from valve anymore. let's see how they will maintain the so called "quality" they claim to seek without exploiting players with shitty drop rates, epic shitness from chests and overpriced keys that leads nowhere.
    i bought 2 fiery souls immediately after reading this post. gl with your boycott

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    then don't call yourself a collector, simple. lel

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    item from the chest shd be not droppalble to get after the period of event. we pay like 2.49 each item and the item later on will be droppable...for me, im not really like spend my money on cosmetic, i just wait the item to drop while im playin or just trade it later on when the value of the item same just like the other item. Even some of item from the chest is common or uncommon, the value will high coz ppl cant have it anymore after the event...just suggestion and i think this system whd be better then let it drop afterward.

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