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Thread: Binding "Call Miss to hotkeys"

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    Binding "Call Miss to hotkeys"

    Using the "missing" function in chat wheel lets you say "missing" in chat and plays a "missing X" audio response from that hero if they have one. However, when you bind any "missing" lines to hotkeys and when you press the hotkey in game, there is something said in chat but no audio response. I hope that this will be fixed for consistency. Please move or close this thread if necessary.

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    i want this too.. but jsut in bind so only i can do it and not other spamming their hero's voice

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    worked perfect for me

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    Yeah, I was wondering why this wasn't working. The chat wheel still lets people spam that message if they want, so why don't the bindings play the audio (if the fear is they are spammable?). I don't think anyone who is seriously playing the game thinks about using the wheel. It feels horrible and clunky to use. That whole 'hold a key now move the mouse' is really clumsy.

    I have the miss bindings on F1-F3, with 're' on F4. I would like my hero to make audio calls since Valve has gone to great effort to record these, and it really adds a lot to hear a hero shout those calls out.

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    Mine binded miss also dont play sound. Makes me feel jealous of the others

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