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Thread: Greevils hotkeys on LEGACY hotkeys settings

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    Greevils hotkeys on LEGACY hotkeys settings

    Pretty much as the title says.

    Anyone knows if there is a way to fix it? pretty annoying tbh, i have been trying to find the hotkeys by pressing each key, and found out venge stun is on R, decrepift on C and blackhole is unassigned..
    Noticed that your greevil spells equal to your first 3 spells on your hero, BUT if one of the skills is PASSIVE it DOESNT WORK!

    can you pelase FIX THIS ASAP!?

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    Very annoying. I was beginning to think there weren't any hotkeys actually...
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    Does anyone else think that Icefrog didn't make this update?

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    broken as fuck.

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    Hi Jetro again.

    From what I understand, if you are using legacy keys, your greevil spells will have hotkeys corresponding to your actual hero. For example, if you select Sand King, your first greevil spell hotkey will be "E" as the legacy hotkey for burrowstrike is also "E". Your 2nd greevil spell hotkey will be "R" for sandstorm. Your greevil ultimate (3rd spell) hotkey will be "C" for epicenter.

    I don't think there is a spell that would be unassigned. Every spell, even passives, have a hotkey associated with it. I believe that the hotkeys are drawn from your heroes 1st, 2nd, and ultimate spell.

    For example, if you pick Skeleton King (has 3 passives), you 1st greevil spell hotkey will be "T" for Hellfire Blast, your 2nd greevil spell hotkey will be "V" for Vampiric Aura, and your 3rd greevil spell (ultimate) will be "R" for Reincarnation.

    What is most inconvenient, is the fact that the hotkeys do not show on the greevil spells, making it very difficult to remember what to press. I suggest a fix would be to either write the hotkeys on the greevil spells (they will change everytime you play a different hero, but at least there is a visual cue/reference as to what key to press) or just make it QWER for all greevil spells while maintaining legacy keys for the main heroes.

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