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Thread: New wording for MAGIC STICK/MAGIC WAND.

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    New wording for MAGIC STICK/MAGIC WAND.

    The current tooltip of both items (they are identical, just the number of max charges is modified) reads as follows:

    "Magic stick/wand: Active: Energy charge - gains charges (max 10/15) based on enemies using abilities, use charges to restore HP/Mana per charge."

    It is not missing anything, but I believe the wording could be a little better. I made this one, but feel free to suggest new ones/modifications:

    "Magic stick/wand: Active: Energy charge - Gains one charge (maximum of 10/15) whenever a nearby enemy unit uses an ability. Upon activation, it restores HP and Mana based on the number of charges stored." (the amount recovered per charge is clarified later, under the description, so no need to add it to the tooltip).

    It prevents the overusage of "charge", and it also adds the "nearby" factor.
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    Thanks for the feedback, adjusted for next version.

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