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Thread: [BUG] Minimap Blurry

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    [BUG] Minimap Blurry

    Hey guys,

    I'm playing on my new laptop with an on board HD 4000 running an i5-3317U. All settings are low apart from resolution and texture resolution.

    However, the minimap is exceptionally blurry... so much that it has to be a bug. If I turn rendering all the way down on my bigger laptop, the minimap stays crystal clear, and there's no option for the minimap I can find. Maybe some console command?


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    -novid was the cause of this bug. Also gave me blurry loading screen. Hope it helps someone

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    ok and now its back.... damn annoying.

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    What's your rendering quality, might not be anything to do with that but still.

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    Bump, -novid causes blurry minimap still.

    Also, if you exit out of the valve video (black guy with valve in head) too fast, minimap is also blurry.

    Please fix this, as I hate how loud the video is, but I hate having the minimap blurry more.

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    Has this bug been fixed in the new update? Can we receive an update when this bug will be fixed or if it's being worked on?

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    I am STILL waiting on an update for this.

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    Please fix this it has been 2 years and we were no more beta!

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