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Thread: Low priority.

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    Low priority.

    So basically, two days ago, I was put into Low Priority mode because of disconnecting from a server and being unable to reconnect, VALVE's fault.
    Alright, forget that.
    Next, I finish my 6 games in low prio but at the end of my 6th game, when I clicked close, it kept asking me if I wanted to reconnect or not (the game was over). I clicked reconnect but it gave me a server error and the game didn't count.
    This happened again, two more god damn times and I'm still in low prio with 1 game remaining.

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    Almost the same as (even worse than) you said. No shit has been applied to clean this mess.

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    Me to I have been ban for so many game and before i could finish my ban games when 2-1 more games I'm ban I disconnect and can't reconnect so it starts all over again and I'm on 6 ban games AGAIN!!! I'm getting tired of this shit.

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