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Thread: Russian Problem at Dota 2

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    Russian Problem at Dota 2

    Yeah as the title is set,there's a big problem in dota 2 .Even tough they have their own server the ''russian's'' which a few of them don't know how to speak english, always ruins the game experience of other players.There's absoulutely nothing you could do in a team based game if u have 4 russians speaking only russian and go for feed-rush.The reports i have used has gone of to it limits because i have reported every single of them which is not communicating with team and don't want to speak english.Is it really hard to ip bann all the russians from the europe server and force them to play in their own server?I hope the devs are trying to do something with this or there will be only 3 base player community left on dota 2, American,Asian and Russian community.
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