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Thread: Skeleton King Reincarnation unique sound suggestion

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    Skeleton King Reincarnation unique sound suggestion

    I'd like to suggest Skeleton King be given a unique jingle for when he uses Reincarnation, versus when coming back to life using the Aegis.

    It's something that seems like it would have a different sound, and it would help players figure out just by sound whether he used an Aegis or his spell. A few times Skeleton king had the Aegis, and came back, but lost enough mana he couldn't come back again, but my team assumed he could and retreated.

    Considering you can just click on him to see if he has the Aegis or not, it seems like it'd add to readability if a new sound was added so we didn't have to click on his inventory and could know just via sound cues what recovery he used.

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    I'm going to second this suggestion. I feel there should be a very distinct difference between the two resurrection sounds. In fact, I think that both should receive new sounds, not just a replacement for one of them. Here are my [probably poorly explained] ideas for new versions:

    Reviving using the Aegis: a darker version of the current sound effect, fitting for the item dropped by Roshan.
    A chilling, deep choir "ah" that rises sharply towards the end at the beginning; a more powerful and chaotic orchestral sting (the two primary notes of the sound effect currently played using a brass instrument); the notes of the sting would have some conflicting sounds to provide the aforementioned evil and chaotic feeling; the sting would be composed of primarily brass with some string and choral accompaniment on the second, longer note; the percussion would be a heavy timpani crescendo as opposed to the snare roll.
    Alternatively, a more mysterious version similar to the stinger played when Roshan dies could be made.
    (Decent comparisons for the sound desired would be "stinger_loot_07.wav" and "dota2_music_stinger_their_radiant_tower_fallen.mp3" from the game's files)

    Reviving using Reincarnation: a more dramatic and regal version of the current sound effect, fitting for a King.
    A snare drumroll with a low, powerful tuba/french horn and cello that builds into a full string orchestra make up the background of this version; a triumphant brass section fanfare (high trumpet notes, primarily) accompanied by an elegant and proud choir section would be used for the primary notes of the sting.
    (Decent comparisons for the sound desired would be "dota2_music_buyback_02.mp3" and "stinger_loot_06.wav" from the game's files)

    PS) More ideas (unrelated to the sound effects) could be a visible indicator for Skeleton King while carrying Aegis, like having it appear inside his rib-cage or something. Furthermore, when the tombstones appear on the ground as the hero is resurrecting, perhaps a crown could appear overhead if it's Skeleton King's Reincarnation and the Aegis itself could hover above the point when it is in use.

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    +1 He could also say something epic too.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shibubu View Post
    Sure, it looks a bit silly, but this helmet makes more sense than ~50% of Furions cosmetics that are already in the game. And its not like he's wielding a wooden penis (one can easily make a penis shaped staff out of wooden branch and there are no arguments why it could not be done). The Acorn helmet is actually VERY fitting since it's natural shape is used. Also it is used for it's quality to withstand blows.
    Wow, amazing insight.

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