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Thread: I have good opinions about dota2

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    Lightbulb I have good opinions about dota2

    I have good opinions about dota2 ,
    You know, sometimes we are offline because of computer failure, network failure, or some other reason, and you can not return to the game quickly
    I hope,dota2 join such a function
    If I dropped more than 3 minutes, the system can automatically invite other people to join my game for me to complete this dota2 game,You can also turn off this feature in the game
    If they lose, I lost the field +1,
    if win, hewins of +1,
    props and experience are his,
    and I was able to remove the dark room punishment

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    Inviting someone to your game can't be done for simple reasons, there is always a preference difference. I bet some guy will get invited and then leaves because its a hero he's bad at.

    I'm sorry but i don't understand what you said after that.

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    Valve already spoke about such a feature, although I don't know if they are still planning on implementing this.
    Meanwhile, if you get disconnected regularly, try fixing the reason before joining any more games.
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