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Thread: Regarding Greevil Eggs

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    Regarding Greevil Eggs

    I wasn't able to participate in the Diretide event, so I didn't know how greevling eggs worked. I thought that by using the greevil egg, it would open a prompt through which I could use my essences.
    Obviously I was wrong and hatched a naked greevil. Is there any way I can get that item reverted back to a greevil egg? I used it on around 3:23 PM PST on 12/24/2012. My steam ID is bishness.
    Thanks a lot for your help and merry Christmas!

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    Hi bishness,
    I had the same around problem. I forgot to put a shadow essence in my egg, instead i now have a naked greeviling with 3 unusuall essence in it. I putted alot of money in the game to even get me this far to make a greeviling. I hope they can reverse this action. So far did they manage to help you bishness? I hope so.

    Hopefully i hear something of the dota 2 dev support team.

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    ^can you screenshot your naked with 3 unusuals ? i want to see what it looks like

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