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Thread: Valve, Greeviling Gameode too imba, I hate this

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    Angry Valve, Greeviling Gameode too imba, I hate this

    Dear valve

    Please check my match ID 86457788, our team got upset because our enemy team killed roshan firstly before match will say after pick hero with ursa and got lose with incredible score (0-11). I think its very unfair because we can't make a strategy plan before match will say ready and we dunno they kill roshan.
    My solution please give temporary invisible ability for Roshan before match will say ready. I hope you give some punishment for our rival match.

    Sorry if double thread
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    Its very idiot to quit play dota 2/TF2 if only problem with comestic items

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    Every Greeviling game I play, always a combat appears at the very beginning of the game near the roshan pit, so your story does not make any sense to me. Just go to roshan and check it by team before game starts. It always happens in my games so far.

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    Stop playing Greeviling, it's a bad game mode. Some people might enjoy it, you obviously don't.

    If you're concerned with getting the present drops, you can just buy them on the marketplace instead.
    Last time I checked you could get the "nice" presents for about a quarter.

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    retards don't count as people.

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