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Thread: Please make everyone hear your Mega-kills Announcer

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    It should be optional like you can select the announcer.

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    I gotta admit having a giant rainbow accompanied by a stereotypical gay guy calling you out was pretty funny the first 5 times, but after like 10 games of a british dude and a gay guy screaming at me it got kind of boring. If Valve made it like the announcer was your sidekick kind of like in Persona 3/4 where they're like "Oh (Orange, or whatever hero you are if you wanna add a ton of lines) pwned you good. A procedural announcer would be pretty awesome where it just fills in the blanks ad lib, even.

    As long as the announcers don't go into stereotypical flamboyant gay man territory I support this.

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    Please make this happen Valve.

    Personally I just love customization. So being able to identify individual's kill streaks in a match by audio would be a nice touch.
    Also, for the HoN monotonous announcer argument, I can see a huge number of unique announcers coming into Dota2. Aside from all the heroes, Valve pulls announcers from HL2 and Bastion (and yes... I'm waiting a Glados announcer). This on top of the fact that the current announcers have more than 1 line for kill streaks.

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