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Thread: Dear Devs: Please make hero names consistent as all Titles, not names

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    And I thought it only bugged me, and here I find a 5-page thread. I'm all for consistency either using name or title, but I'm leaning towards title simply because a certain level name looks weird. A level 1 life stealer makes more sense than a level 1 naix, a bit like you don't say to a child that he's a 5 year old Peter... no, he's a 5 year old student/boy/whatever title. Though this may have already been mentioned, in which case +1. And to those who say this is not an issue/more important things need to be addressed, you are clearly wrong since changes in name happen from time to time (wisp, doom, etc.), so clearly they have quite high priority.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BNi-PoweR. View Post
    Some names cannot be used like Furion, Priestess of the Moon, Tauren Chieftain, etc... because Blizzard owns it.
    This is essentially why they opted for the method they use right now.

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    I know this thread is a little old now, but I totally agree and couldn't have said it better myself. Sorting heros by title makes much more sense, if for no other reason than consistency. I would love to see tthis idea implemented.

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    You can edit the names yourselves in dota_english.txt file or your language equivalent to be either all proper names or all titles if that's what you want.
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