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Thread: Old announcer back please

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    Old announcer back please

    I hate the new announcer, a lot. Please can I have the old one back.

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    I should say I'm quite happy I have a custom announcer, that Tusk announcer is incredibly boring in a very, very irritating way.

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    I expected the new announcer to generate more criticism than this. Pretty much everyone I talk to in game and in the chat rooms universally reviles his bizarre accent, which sounds like something between a canadian mountie and a vampire.

    Was it just a special feature for the winter map? Has the announcer now reverted bacnk, and is that why no one really cares?

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    It was only for the Winter season, just like how Diretide had a Death Prophet announcer. If you check in-game now, it has the standard announcer again.
    The voice was Tusk's voice, by the way, so it'll be coming back, soon-ish.
    Old announcer is back, closing this.
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