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Thread: Being able to adjust the volume of announcers

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    Lightbulb Being able to adjust the volume of announcers

    Would be a much appreciated feature.
    Sometimes I would rather the announcer at 60-80% volume to hear more of the game, especially when spectating.

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    I really would like this. First off, if someone tries out a new announcer (especially if they paid for it) they probably want to hear it as well, and it's not so easy always with all the other game sounds in the background. Also as OP said you sometime might want the game sounds but reduce the announcer. I think the volume controls for this game are really simplistic when thinking about what all goes on here.

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    I came here specifically to say this. I bought the bastion announcer, but couldn't hear what he said over the ingame sounds so I sold it and used my old one. You should be able to customize all different sound channels to be honest (announcer, hero voice, battle noices etc). This would be freakin' awesome.

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