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Thread: Tutorial announcer suggestion: Gabe Newell

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    Lightbulb Tutorial announcer suggestion: Gabe Newell

    As many of you know, a tutorial of some sort is under development and it will be voiced since there are strings for the subtitles. But who will voice it? Who is to introduce new players to the game mechanics and guide them on their path?
    Well, if you are reading this thread, you probably read the title already and know who I am suggesting; Gabe Newell.

    Gabe Newell would be an excellent candidate, maybe even a perfect one. Not just because he is the CEO of Valve and responsible for the fact that Valve is currently creating Dota 2. He is respected and loved by the whole gaming community so people might actually play through the tutorial instead of skipping it and proceeding to feed and ruin games. And of course it would be simply awesome.
    Much better than the stock announcer being as boring as ever, reminding me of the terrible tutorial of a certain terrible game that is in no way League of Legends.

    Also; I have no idea if this is the proper section to post this. I tried to search for "tutorial" to find some kind of a megathread for it, but there is none. Strange.

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    if anything, logan cunningham (again)

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    new players wont even know who that guy is.

    My suggestion is that it be voiced by a newbie friendly hero like invoker or visage

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