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Thread: [Confirmed]Refraction attack charges used up incorrectly

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    [Confirmed]Refraction attack charges used up incorrectly

    Winter said today on the G League stream that TA's refraction charges that are applied to her auto attacks are used up incorrectly in dota 2 compared to the original.

    A charge is used up after the auto attack hits rather than at the start of the attack. So cancelling the attack will not use up a charge like it would in the original. This is similar to Timbersaw's reactive armour and Centaur's return iirc (they proc at the start of an attack and will still go through on an animation cancel), however these were fixed before the heroes reached the main client.

    Is this statement indeed correct and making TA stronger than she should be in dota 2?

    Edit: Bug info: Templar Assassin's refraction charges (extra damage charges) are used up when TA's autoattack hits, rather than when TA's attack starts.

    -Use TA's Refraction ability
    -Attack a valid target with TA with damage refraction charges still present

    Result: Refraction charges used up when TA's autoattack hits the target.

    Expected Result: Refraction charges should be used up at the start of TA's attack.
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