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Thread: Frostivus Keys not opening their deisgnated chests.

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    Yeah. I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that after an event is over, the keys related to that event turn into regular keys.

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    the chests expire on the 10th. not the 3rd.

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    I just bought 6 keys, and I'm having the same problem. It says the chests expire at 11:00 tonight?!?!? O.O

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    As you can see I'm experiencing the same issue.
    You can see the key at the bottom of the image and the chest up the top.
    Kinda dissapointing given real money has been spent but I trust Valve to get on this asap.

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    Frostivus Keys not opening their deisgnated chests.

    I just purchased 6 Frostivus Treasure Keys for approx $15, and they are not opening the chests. It also says the chests expire tonight at 11pm. Anyone else having this problem?

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    Bump for same issue. Just purchased. Probably should have read what the chests actually had printed on them today before purchasing. :P

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    Bump bump.
    I understand it previously said it will expire on the 3rd of jan. but now its said on the 10th

    So I decided to buy 2 keys. And then I got this.

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    same here

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    why change to treasure key valve T_T
    it still frostivus box n still frost key to open

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    same... plz valve fix T_T

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