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    A temporary solution until Valve fix this:

    All we need from Valve is the download link, the replay downloader in-game suck!
    We have to open Console to show the link (you can jump to 3. if you can show the Console already)
    1 . Open Steam Library > right click Dota 2 > choose Properties > choose Launch Option > type in "-console"
    2 . Launch Dota 2, you should see the Console, you can show/hide it by typing "`" (by default)
    3 . Now go download a replay.
    4 . Error occurs, but we dont have to wait to see any Notification. Just when the Download bar jump back to previous progress, eg: 3% -> 2%, open the Console now and you will see something like this in the latest lines:
    5 . Copy that link and paste it to web browser such as Chrome/Firefox, or even better is paste it in Download Manager like IDM.
    Ok we download that replay really fast and smooth, and now how to use it.
    6 . Extract that archive bz2 file. Cut off the name of that .dem file from "_" to the end.
    eg: 136061218_1841428825.dem -> 136061218.dem
    7 . Put it in "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\replays" (window 7 and xp, should be the same on window 8)
    8 . We are all set, launch Dota 2 and enjoy your replay!
    #Note: To disable the annoying Console always show whenever you launch Dota 2, you can remove the "-console" in Launch option, and do like this (since this way is a bit more complicated and slower, so that I write it down here)
    1a . Create new file named "autoexec.cfg" in "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\cfg"
    or Open it if you created it already.
    2a . type in "con_enable 1". Save and close the file.
    Hope all this can help you enjoy your replay!

    Hope it help!

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    some replay are weird though, one times i tried to download and it says replay is unavailable, but after restarting dota2, i can download it.

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