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Thread: Faceless Void - Timebreaker

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    Exclamation Faceless Void - Timebreaker

    Basically, my game doesn't show the timebreaker ripple particle effect, only the green fires within it.

    Here's a link to my steam screenshots that show the bug and my video settings, if it isn't a bug but a problem with my video settings, please tell me how to fix it

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    Have you tried verifying your game cache yet? This tends to be the number one fix for most visual problems.
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    Just verified, no change, uploading a new screen after the verify.

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    There is an effect on bottom screen...

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    i only see this from time to time. might have something to do with having an item (battlefury or something?) or having time lock leveled up.

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    I have the same situation as you.
    My timebreaker only show green aura without ripple effect...however my friend saw the true effect in the same game. Our video setting is same so I am sure it is a bug inside dota2.

    Can it be fixed? I am so pissed out for this issue.

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    bump. i cant see ripple effect on my primary pc. but it is on secondary pc...

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    sup it happend to me also

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