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Thread: Camera movements being "floaty"

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    Camera movements being "floaty"

    Not entirely sure how to describe it, but basically the camera movements feel "floaty", like if you move it, it'll decelerate until it stops instead of stopping right away. I reduced scrolling acceleration to the minimum since I assumed that's what it was but it doesn't seem to be it(guess it's more like camera taking speed over time if you move in the same direction). I'd really like an option to have the camera stop "sharply", right after you stop moving it instead of the current more fluid way it is, it looks better like when you do casts or what not but I find it annoying when playing.

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    There's a "camera acceleration" option in the settings, max it out.

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    In the console I believe it's 'dota_camera_accelerate 50' for it to stop instantly.

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    I like the acceleration option, but yeah, there are ways to change it.

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