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Thread: Region Issue - Discussion

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    Region Issue - Discussion

    Now before you become all POLICE on me and lock this thread and issue some generic warning, hear me out please? I'm not here to cause drama, throw racist slurs around or even request something drastic... my questions are quite simple.

    Why aren't we allowed to discuss this topic anymore? why have you locked the giant threads discussing this issue then forced us to not give feedback about it? that's some really strict and unnecessary policing... it's a real issue with real problems that really make this game frustrating as hell.

    The reason this topic is always brought up, is simply because it's a real issue that's driving the majority of your player base insane. It's constantly posted here because we haven't had any real response about it, nothing.

    Why am I here? surely something happened that made me rage and I felt the need to come to these boards to express my feelings and give you feedback, as a good beta tester should.

    Do you think this is fair? fair for everyone else that's playing? these guys were lagging, ping spiking from 450-550, they constantly died (from lag) and I'm pretty sure the only English they spoke was "stfu" and "hahahahaha"

    Like I said, I'm not here to cause problems but before you close this thread, at least explain to me why you've decided that this topic shall no longer be discussed... as beta testing goes, this boggles my mind.

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    I agree that it should not be possible to join servers that give you a ping above 300 because for me that feels unplayable because your actions have too much delay. However valve seems to think that it is not game ruining on purpose if you play with a ping that makes you suck regardless of your personal skill. It is as reasonable as playing counterstrike with a 300 ping. It just won't work out for that player because he will not hit anyone EVER.

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    It's no longer discussed because Valve is WELL AWARE of all of this already. Yes, ping times and language pairing are an issue for a lot of people. That's crystal clear and can't be missed. By allowing the continued discussion of it, it dilutes the other threads that need to be noticed. The rules of the forum are clear. Please don't start threads on Common Discussions. If the rules aren't clear then feel free to PM a mod for clarification. Thanks.
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