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Thread: Dota 2 crashes every time

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    Quote Originally Posted by beH3uH View Post
    I am using 32 bit windows too and when dota 2 is running i am using 1.9/2.0 gb ram.
    So if anyone else fix his problem with 64 bit windows, pls write here so we can know.
    zzz. are you new to computers?
    discs are about 700MB as advertised but there's only 697MB or 698MB to use.
    even USB's, HDDs, memory cards are like that.
    its not about getting 64bit Windows especially when your PC's RAM is below 4GB. only 4GB and up are recommended to use 64 bit versions of Windows.

    before my laptop only has 2GB RAM which only has 1.8GB usable.
    its not a problem because it has always been like that.

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    Completely unplayable

    So I'm glad to see I'm not alone in this.
    I'm running on a 32-bit windows 7, but I have no problems with any other
    Game I play. When I get into dota, however, I can only play for a few minutes
    Before it simply crashes and kicks me to steam or my desktop.
    I know there's supposed to be an update for us 32-bit users, but until then, is there
    Anything I can do to even play the game? I've done all the the things on the steam FAQ, but nothing's working

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    still crashin on 64bit, my minidumps, if a dev might find it usefull:

    i have it since 06-15-2013 patch - had months without major problems before this patch came
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    Similar issue here. Was able to watch matches and play bot games fine yesterday but now I get a crash to desktop every single match I play or watch. Sometimes it comes bonus with a blue screen crash! Been on beta for 2 years and never had a problem till now.

    Also using 32 bit win 7.

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    Hey guys thanks to JayStelly it seems that I could sove my freezing problem. My ethernet drivers had some sort of "network optimizer" included which were not compatible. I uninstalled them and used some others. Now I've been playing 2 games straight and no single freeze/crash this time! Hope it helps some of you!

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