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Thread: Friend's Live Matches / Matchmaking

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    Friend's Live Matches / Matchmaking

    Somewhere there should be a place for Friend's List matches, perhaps as a tab where Top Live Matches are. If you go the tab approach it would be nice for a third one which just lists the matches of the top ranked players. I don't know what the criteria for top live matches is right now but I often just ignore it and find the game of the best player I know.

    The Matchmaking section should include an additional place for game modes, possibly where users upvote and downvote certain modes? Perhaps the upvote and downvote would be better placed in the play tab and this one could have a simple dropdown with preferred game mode.

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    True. This will be one of the most asked for features in the future. People would want to watch their friends games directly rather than having to look for it on the Live Matches list.

    Best way to implement this would be to add an option to the drop menu on your friends list in the game. When someone is "Playing a game", right click > Watch Game option would work perfect. Easy and fast.

    EDIT: Not much to do with the main page but still a worthy addition.

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