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Thread: Dota 2 crash mid game, unable to reconnect

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    Dota 2 crash mid game, unable to reconnect

    Well I just had a crash that ruined the entire game for my teammates (the match was intense).

    After 30 minutes of game, the server suddenly disconnected me out of the game. I checked my internet and it was working fine. So quickly I went to reconnect to the game.

    After that "Loading..." sign disappeared, the Dota logo just stood there for 2 minutes. I didn't even get to the game, it just froze there. So I probably reconnected to the game, but I was unable to join. So of course, I had to CTRL+ALT+DELETE, and end task. Well guess what, after starting dota again, I got the sign "Connecting to Dota 2 network...". I get that very often, and the only solution would be to restart Steam. So I restarted Steam, started Dota 2 again. I saw I got an abandonment but I wanted to join the game anyway, because I didn't want to leave the game yet, but same problem occurred: Dota 2 logo just standing there (No loading sign). The game froze again

    So other than getting 24 hours low priority, they also lost the match because of me (I imagine they probably reported me).

    Whole time my internet was working fine (My TV would still run, and sites like Google and Youtube would still be able to run fine).

    So what just happened?
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