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Thread: Update Notes - January 16, 2013

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    They usually take down the critical bugs section after the patch goes on the main client.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tsplodey View Post
    Coming up next week Silt King and Bloodsmeller
    I lol'd

    Quote Originally Posted by mindfaQ View Post
    I hope least played mode doesn't have swap functionality. Does anyone know? If it had swap it would render the concept of the mode useless.
    This is a good point, I just played a game but didn't think about swapping. I'll have to check if this is enabled.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fausto View Post
    I lol'd even harder. Not because I dislike icefrog at all, but because I know there are tons of people who are like this.

    When I heard about the game mode I was actually really excited. I do want AR just as much as everyone else but LP(Least picked) is kind of cool. It makes you play heros you avoid and puts everyone else on the same page. I'm suspecting a lot of crummy invokers in my upcoming LP games. :P

    As far as the pathing bug everyone is talking about I HAD NO IDEA. That is a huge problem and anyone who understands how to utilize it will have a great advantage. I agree though it needs to be fixed.

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