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Thread: Outworld Destroyer changed to Outworld Demolisher

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr-President View Post
    - Anti-Mage renamed to Counter-Wizard
    - Omniknight renamed to Almighty Knight
    - Broodmother renamed to Spidermom
    - Mirana renamed to Miranda
    - Lina renamed to Linda
    - Lich renamed to Deadmage
    - Windrunner renamed to Breezeracer
    - Brewmaster renamed to Beer Expert
    - Treant Protector renamed to Tree Guardian
    - Ogre Magi renamed to Ogre Multicasters
    - Tidehunter renamed to Wavechaser
    - Troll Warlord renamed to Troll Warfighter
    - Bristleback renamed to Spikerear
    - Terrorblade renamed to Scarysword
    - Faceless Void renamed to Void
    - Disruptor renamed to Interference
    - Batrider renamed to Batflyer
    - Gyrocopter renamed to Gyroscope
    - Sniper renamed to Sharpshooter
    - Naga Siren renamed to Mermaid
    - Enigma renamed to Mystery
    - Wisp renamed to Sprite
    - Enchantress renamed to Seductress
    - Lone Druid renamed to Solitary Druid
    - Witch Doctor renamed to Wizard Medic
    - Lycanthrope renamed to Werewolf
    - Spectre renamed to Ghost
    - Spirit Breaker renamed to Soul Charger
    - Silencer renamed to Supresser
    - Venomancer renamed to Poisonmancer
    - Axe renamed to Club
    - Magnus renamed to Rhinotaur
    - Tinker renamed to Mechanic
    - Clockwerk renamed to Watchwerk
    - Dark Seer renamed to Night Watcher
    - Alchemist renamed to Al
    - Phantom Lancer renamed to Ghostly Spearman
    - Skeleton King renamed to Skeleton Emperor
    Or how about we take SingSing's terminology:

    Sand Kungen, Rock Mannen, Putka, Lightofheaven, or just "bitch" for most female heroes.

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    Much like the change to "Outworld Destroyer", this change will be forgotten after a week or two.

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    I wonder why is everyone qq-ing about this. Outworld Demolisher is fine too. Valve must have a good reason themselves to change it, and it's not like it's a bad name. So why not?

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    It is a bad name.How the hell word "destroyer" is copyrighted by anyone?Demolisher doesn't fit him at all.At least change it to harbringer or smth,demolisher realy sucks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irrelevante View Post
    Much like the change to "Outworld Destroyer", this change will be forgotten after a week or two.
    That's what people said about the Phoenix remake.
    2 weeks later he got reverted back.

    Some names just suck, and Demolisher is definitely one of them.

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    I think Valve needs a little restructuring. That or someone needs to be fired. This is getting stupid.

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    Change to Obsidian Demolisher it might sound better.
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    Still Demolisher and still no responses from VALVe.

    Btw for those who were wondering what a bog is "A bog is a mire that accumulates peat, a deposit of dead plant material—often mosses, and in a majority of cases, Sphagnum moss."

    Yeah Bristle-deposit-of-dead-plant....

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    Are you kidding me? They get to steal the name and have their own Defence Of The Alehouse in their little game AND take copyright for every good name?

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    OverWorld Demolisher sounds way better, Better yet OverWorld Devastator, Plz use these names valve and no more garbage like outworld demolisher.

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