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Thread: Outworld Destroyer changed to Outworld Demolisher

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    Quote Originally Posted by scubasteve View Post
    Will that really work? I'd be eternally grateful
    It does, it's the same thing I did for adding colours to runes in messages (which Valve later added to the game using my strings).

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    Welcome to the new era of color changes and renames!

    Im willing to see Typhox reaction...

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    Changing Destroyer to Demolisher is ALOT better than changing Doom Bringer to Doom. It's still good.

    But why all the renames lately?
    Quote Originally Posted by daed View Post
    This is another example as to why the developers should never seriously take in consideration any post on the dev forums.

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    When will be Omniknight renamed to Omniscient Guy?

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    Yeh that is absolutely terrible

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkLite View Post
    I will literally open up dota_english.txt, rename all the heroes back to Doom Bringer, Outworld Destroyer and the rest, and then paste the fixed version on the forums for everyone else to use.
    But Outworld Demolisher's old old name was Obsidian Destroyer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SrpskiCekic View Post
    Timbersaw says hi.
    I have no problem with Timbersaw as the hero itself has a saw and he cuts timber.

    However the most common use for "Demolisher" is to take down buildings... something that the hero sucks at. That and also a lot of people simply call him Destroyer instead of OD

    And no, it can't be compared to Doom Bringer being renamed to Doom since people just call him Doom anyways
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    Simple and obvious things that should get fixed/added asap: SCOREBOARD, Ingame friend list, Different Ping for Roshan, Add Notes to Players, Accept Button while tabbed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Banethulhu View Post
    Changing Destroyer to Demolisher is ALOT better than changing Doom Bringer to Doom. It's still good.

    But why all the renames lately?
    Are you kiding me, It is not a single piece better , it's as horrible as the doom change, just stop this ridiculous changes...

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    Terrible name change

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    Destroyed is copyrighted.

    Seriously, it's still OD, who cares. As far as they don't recolor him pink...

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