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Thread: DotA2 Publik game bug .

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    DotA2 Publik game bug .

    Hi , 10 mins ago i played a public CM game with friends (109910724) and i got abonded , i didnt left game sine min 0 cuz i needed to rr dota (itemes bug) but there was pause , in min ~50 there was like DBSM abonded this game , this game is safe to leave now . WTF IS THAT SHIT? i got abond and losse instead of win. I wasnt afk or another stuffs. Plz check.

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    About 10 minutes ago, I played a CM (Captains Mode) game with some friends, game ID 109910724. It seems I got an abandon. I feel this is incorrect as I didn't leave the game except to restart DotA 2 to fix the shop bug at minute 0, there was a pause. The abandon message was at minute 50. I now have a lose for this. Please investigate to see if I got EXP in 5 mins because I'm too lazy to check.


    You probably didn't get EXP for 5 min. Case closed.

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    He's posting this on several forums...

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    I am extremely happy that you have got an abondonment.
    This is what you get when you take down a lane, wander around like a dumbass in your base as a team and prolong a silly game.
    I wish your whole team got an abondonment instead of just you.

    The replay is a horror. And Jarofdoom's guess is right, he does nothing but Follow (Move towards) his teammates. Actually the whole team does that. He gets the abondonment because he is the one who got his/her last experience earliest.
    I guess they have to improve the inactive abondonment logic in the other way around, too. The game should detect every single player on that team as abondoned, not just this DBSM guy.

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