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Thread: Shop FPS drops.

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    Shop FPS drops.

    I've heard a few other people say this happens to them.

    Shop causes performance issues.

    Repro Steps:
    Open shop. Buy any item. Framerate drops to zero. I get disconnected.

    framerate dips to 0 FPS and stays there for approx. 12 seconds. It has gotten to the point where the connection to the server times out from it.

    Expected Result:
    The shop shouldn't affect the performance, much less crash the game.

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    Try unchecking Network Quality. It's a common issue after the patch

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    This happens with me when I open up the upgrades section with all items displayed at once, rather than the single list type. I've been using the search box as a work around for now.

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    That bug occurs to me like 1-2 times every game. Normally when I am buying many itemparts at once (most of the time 50-100% of a Meka). My game freezes for like 5-10sec.
    My laptop is highend (i7, 12Gb Ram) so i doubt that it is just a performance problem.

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    same shit
    fix it valve faster pls.

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    ya, a lot off ppl seems have started reporting this issue, this definetly not a simple hardware problem imo
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    Yeah, very nice bug. Open shop, framerates goes into the single digits. Makes the game PREEEETTTY unplayable since pachday.

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