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Thread: Meepo individual hero select button

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    Meepo individual hero select button

    I think meepo player need some more love in dota 2.
    I think the button is needed for meepo player.

    And yes, I use the ctrl groping button, but not for individual hero, rather for groping selection, ctrl+1 for the whole gank, ctrl+2 for 1st and 2nd meepo, ctrl+3 for the 3rd, 4th and 5th meepo.

    It's not comfortable to use 1-5 for individual hero and 6-8 for groping selection. 6-8 is just to faaar , can't react that fast in a clash using 6-8 button.

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    lol u have a key to poof all meepos? xD Nice hack

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    I put the command groups 5-10 on the F1-5 keys, and put each individual meepo in the corresponding group. It's a work around , but it works.

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    #: all meepos
    1: main meepo
    2: all clones
    3: clone #3
    4: clone #4
    5: clone #5

    to access clone #2, 1 then tab

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    Quote Originally Posted by neeno View Post
    I made a custom config for meepo. I wiped some of the keybindings.

    1-5 are individual meepos

    D- all meepos D-all meepo clones T-2 meepo clones G-2 meepo clones A- all poof at the same time
    CHEATER, CHEATER, CHEATER, CHEATER. Valve when are you going to disable this crap ? If this is not a huge massive BLATANT cheat I don't know what one is.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shibubu View Post
    Sure, it looks a bit silly, but this helmet makes more sense than ~50% of Furions cosmetics that are already in the game. And its not like he's wielding a wooden penis (one can easily make a penis shaped staff out of wooden branch and there are no arguments why it could not be done). The Acorn helmet is actually VERY fitting since it's natural shape is used. Also it is used for it's quality to withstand blows.
    Wow, amazing insight.

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    Damn cheater, u deserve to be banned

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