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Thread: ISSUE: DOTA2 Lobby spectator cant connect the game forces everyone fails game launch

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    ISSUE: DOTA2 Lobby spectator cant connect the game forces everyone fails game launch

    Hi DOTA2 Community,

    I am a moderator of a games forum. DOTA2 is one of our most popluar games and we are having inhouse games all the time.
    However we are having a little trouble with inhouse lobby.

    Here is the problem
    We usually have about 30-50 players joined the lobby, then whoever wants to play can go up and join the slots.
    For those who wants to be commentators, they can join the commentator channel.
    The rest can just be spectators.
    But after we start the game, if there is 1 of those 50+ players are not able to connect to the game, then this game launch will fail for everyone else.
    Even though all 10 players are ready and the commentators are ready, if one spectators's PC crashed or somehow not connected to the game, then the game will not start and everyone has to wait for that person to load into the game or gets to be brought back to the lobby and we have to keep trying.
    After many attempts, we have learnt to not to have any spectators, i know people can leave and watch the game outside as watch a friends game. well this is just not good enough, everyone wants to be in the same room and we want to play and watch together.

    Suggest Solution
    I know it is important for players and commentator have Reconnect Game option.
    For Spectators, please take Reconnect away so whoever cant connect to the game will be dropped out automatically and those who has already connected can just start to play/comment/watch/have great fun!

    It will be handy to add options after game starts to see who is spectating the game- list of spectators
    At least next time, we can compare the list with games in lobby to see who failed to join the game
    In the Commentator Channel, you can not see how many spectators.

    Thank you for your time and im looking forward to hear some feedback.

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