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Thread: Fixed Malefice being purgable, but...

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    Fixed Malefice being purgable, but...

    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisC View Post
    - Fixed Malefice being purgable.
    This time it's not an overfix, but an under(?)fix.

    Current state on Dota 2:
    Slark's Dark Pact removes the current Malefice stun, and prevents Malefice from stunning him any further.

    How it should be regarding the DotA:
    Slark's Dark Pact removes the current Malefice stun, but does not remove the Malefice debuff entirely, so if there are any remaining stuns, they get applied.

    Oh, how nice isn't it?
    I think this way it looks more consistent, isn't it guys?
    I think we should keep it like it currently is, right guys? Guys?

    I mean, they made a change already. I think it can work out this way. The change is already made, so I guess it's alright. Sorry for an unnecessary bug report. I should rather comment on the new hero names instead. Opinions are the best. Reporting factual differences is nonsense.


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    Lol, nice find, but I don't think there's any need to be sarcastic and rude about it, now you've brought awareness. This game is ridden with bugs so it'll all get fixed eventually, we just need to keep finding and raising awareness.

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    added to sticky.
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