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Thread: Dragonclaw Hook Bug

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    Quote Originally Posted by tung_doviet View Post
    Well, I think it's better than the old white chain. This new white chain looks good and works like the original one
    Attachment 13450
    Attachment 13451
    Also the chains are added to his arm too. More real
    This one is the video with the old hook for you guys to compare
    I think DC hook deserves to be immortal now

    YA i love new hook just bought DD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ness1 View Post
    New animation is pretty much ugly as hell

    sigh... why even change it?
    The fact that it was the most wanted item out there wasn't enough of a clue that it was alredy awesome?
    this thing ruined the hook for me
    alsothe chains in the arm are strange and doesn't feel right.
    My thoughts exactly. Which part of "one of the most sought items out there" actually hinted that you should CHANGE the animation to something TOTALLY DIFFERENT?

    I bought the Dragonclaw Hook cause I liked the nice "Rope" animation effect, not to shoot my freaking spine out of my hand.

    Please do not meddle with perfectly fine items and potentially making them worse. Not only does it grief players like me, but it's also a waste of your time and resources.

    Just give us back our old animation and not "try to fix things" anymore cause all you're doing is "making things worse".

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    This issue has now been fixed. If there are new bugs, please report them in new threads. That being said, the chain looking slightly different than its original white chain and the new animations are not bugs. Please don try to report them as such either.
    To keep these forums clean and friendly, please read and follow the forum rules.
    Before making a new thread, be sure to have used search, as well as checking the stickies of the appropriate section.

    Lore moderator.

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