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Thread: [Confirmed] Meepo "bug fix" doesn't replicate Dota 1 behavior

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    [Confirmed] Meepo "bug fix" doesn't replicate Dota 1 behavior

    When I read about the meepo nerf in the patch notes I was kind of shocked. I assumed you were going to make it mirror the dota 1 behavior, where meepo's clones prioritize treads over travs This means instead of swapping the boots around in your inventory you have to go through the cumbersome process of dropping your ttreads on the ground and risking it; seems unnecessary, but okay. To be clear: Meepo has been able to use travs + treads for something like 4 years now.

    Not what we got. The patch "fix" now just prioritizes travs over treads no matter what. This is not how it is in dota 1, and is a sizable nerf to a hero many already considered worse than its dota 1 counterpart due to the longer net cast time.

    I mean, it's meepo, just because he wins 1 pro game doesn't mean he deserves this

    EDIT: Updated explanation, thanks ThoAppelsin.
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    You are right about the Boot sharing on Meepo is not the same as it was on W3 DotA.

    But it isn't like you are claiming it is. Basically on W3 DotA, the priority goes like:

    DotA 6.77b
    1. Tranquil Boots
    2. Arcane Boots
    3. Phase Boots
    4. Power Treads (agi > str > int)
    5. Boots of Travel
    6. Boots of Speed

    For the original thread on this issue:

    As far as I remember, before the latest patch, the last picked up boots were being shared among the Meepo Clones.
    Right now, there is a priority system like the one in W3 DotA, but it's like this:

    Dota 2 as of 19 Jan 2013
    1. Boots of Travel
    2. Power Treads (prioritizing among the different types of Power Treads is strange)
    3. Arcane Boots
    4. Phase Boots
    5. Tranquil Boots
    6. Boots of Speed

    I am not sure if this change has been recently made. If so, then I do not know why they have made it this way. It is not like the first time they are messing things while attempting fixes. I still remember the false fix during the Meepo Patch Critical Bugs section... :D
    I tested this during the last Test Client period, and saw that Tranquil Boots aren't prioritizing, so I assumed that they have fixed something else.

    No need to dramatize anything, though. They are a little slow paced on fixing bugs, but they do not intend to make any balance changes directly through Dota 2. Balance changes are first being implemented on DotA, then ported over Dota 2.

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    1.: why was this fix even needed??? was it really so OP to make it possible for meepo to just use the boots on the first slot??? in my opinion: no.
    2.: why was the thread closed?

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    #1: I don't really know. Still, why would it hurt to have it the same on both DotA and Dota 2? I don't care whichever gets changed, all I would like to see is them to be the same.

    #2: I actually am glad to see that getting closed. No one in that thread seems to have tested this on DotA and Dota 2. They all were just making speculations there. The OP post is also suggesting some changes regarding balance, which is not/should not be allowed.
    Other than that, if the moderator who closed that thread knew about the difference, he/she would lead the crowd towards this post, or would give the brief information about the difference there and again, lead people to the Gameplay Bugs section instead of Misc, because right now, this clearly is a bug.
    I am not blaming them for not knowing this, though. They did the absolute right thing with closing that thread.

    I would like to know what developers intended with the Meepo fix they did on the last patch. Because clearly they did not replicate the state on DotA.
    This order of priority can be made on DotA. Until IceFrog decides to make the priority order like this, Dota 2 should have the order that DotA has.

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