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Thread: [Confirmed] Necrolytes Sadist activates when killing reincarnating units

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    [Confirmed] Necrolytes Sadist activates when killing reincarnating units


    ♣ Necrolytes sadist activates when killing aegis carrier or skeleton king with reincarnation off cooldown
    ♥ The unit doesn't really die, so Necrolyte should not get the regeneration

    ♣ Reproduction Steps:

    Create an allied Necrolyte, enemy Ursa (doesn't matter which hero) and an enemy Skeleton King

    Level up Necrolyte to 8, skill Max out Death Pulse and Sadist
    Level up Skeleton King to 6 and skill ultimate
    Kill Roshan with Ursa and get the aegis
    Kill Skeleton King and Ursa with less then max health and mana

    ♣ Current Result:

    Necrolytes Sadist activates and he gets the regeneration for not actually killing an unit

    ♣ Expected Result:

    Both Ursa and Skeleton King reincarnate with Necrolyte not receiving regeneration from Sadist

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    I confirm this one as a Bug.
    Similar to the Bloodseeker's buggy interaction: Blood Bath regenerating hp when the dying unit has Aegis or Reincarnation (it could be better if it included the Skeleton King's Reincarnation in the description)

    Units that come back to life with Reincarnation and Aegis should not be considered as dead for both of these skills; Blood Bath and Sadist.
    It really makes a great impact for the combats between a Bloodseeker/Necrolyte and a Skeleton King. A lot of unintended/unexpected heal for Bloodseeker; 600 Mana and 240 Health regen for Necrolyte over 6 seconds.
    Just too much...

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    The unit died, period.

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    No it didn't. Do not make garbage comments.
    Take a piece of paper and write whatever unnecessary and useless words you want to there.

    There are more bugs on this issue, and all of them has to get fixed. They can really affect the gameplay. I will make seperate threads for them all.

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    Could be good to merge both as it seems to be a "reincarnation" problem? Or maybe 2 separated is better?

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    There are a lot more than 2.
    Personally, I would like to have a sub-section at the Known Bugs List, and link every bug seperately under that sub-section.

    I don't like seeing compilation threads.

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    added to sticky.
    Make sure to read the Forum Rules as well as the stickied Threads of the Forum Section you are posting in.

    Contributions i'd like to highlight:
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