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Thread: Valve: A matchmaking idea that has made for a big discussion over at Reddit

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    Valve: A matchmaking idea that has made for a big discussion over at Reddit

    Hey guys, I posted this idea over at reddit, and it made for a really good debate and discussion. Many members wanted me to post it over here, so here we go:

    We all love this game, and we all want it to grow and become something that is widely adopted by gamers everywhere, so the community is healthy and there's always loads of people to play against... therefore I'm throwing out this suggestion to see what the other redditors (and hopefully someone at Valve) think of it. I think this may also lead to part of a solution for casual players who don't have loads of gamer friends to queue with (or give them another way to meet some).
    What about a REAL solo queue mode? This has been used in other games for years. Essentially you can queue in this mode, but not with a group, so you know your team is going to be 4 solos and you know you're going to run into 5 solos, and the hope would be that valve's matchmaking should even it out pretty well from there.
    This would eliminate group pubstomping, or group smurf pubstomping, and while the odd skilled dota player w/ new matchmaking rating may end up in there and do really well, I would hardly see it as a serious problem.
    I know when I'm queuing on my own, I'd much rather run into an "even playing field" in terms of teamplay.
    Am I alone here or is this something we should definitely have in DotA 2? I'm having a hard time coming up with downsides.
    Here is the link to the Reddit thread ( )At the time of this posting, it's got 75 net upvotes over there.

    Thanks for your consideration! Weigh in and post your opinion!
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    Suggested already.

    Welcome to the forums, but please search for previous threads or, at least, check the common discussions sticky to see if your topic is already being discussed.

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    Irrelevante, doh, thanks for bringing that to my attention lol

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    Congratulations, this thread will get locked and you will get forum banned.

    Never try to draw attention to important topics in order to help improve the game.

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    Many of us are aware that a solo queue matchmaking mode would solve a lot of problems with unbalanced matchmaking and gank-reporting. It's an old topic. I'm sure that the developers are already aware of this issue.

    Take a look at this thread.

    Understanding it helps keep this forum tidy and focus the message from the forum to the developers.
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    To avoid LPQ:

    Don't draw attention to yourself
    Don't use voice or chat except for 'ss'
    Mute all at lvl 1
    Only play in parties
    Get alternate accounts
    Limit your usage to one or two games per day per account
    Don't play too well
    Don't play on Sunday or Monday
    Wait until the developers reset LPQ status

    If you're getting matched with trolls or feeders:

    You may have been placed in a hidden pool. There is no known way out of this, apart from moving to a different account.

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    And feel free to necro the old threads. I guess that's how they want it to work around here.

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    Ya, sorry guys, I guess I should have assumed it would be covered since matchmaking is and has been _the_ hot topic of dota 2 pubs.

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