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Thread: [Confirmed]Essence Shift and Reincarnation/Aegis interaction is wrong

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    [Confirmed]Essence Shift and Reincarnation/Aegis interaction is wrong


    If an Essence Shifted (Slark) unit gets to the limbo and reincarnates with Reincarnation (Skeleton King) or Aegis of Immortal, that unit reclaims his/her stats back. The Essence Shift should be preserved.
    If Slark gets to the limbo with Essence Shifted bonus agility and then reincarnates with Aegis of Immortal, he loses the Essence Shifted agility bonuses. The Essence Shift, again, should be preserved.

    Reproduction Steps:
    1. Create a Slark and a Skeleton King
    2. Give Skeleton King the Reincarnation skill, and Slark the Essence Shift level 4 recommended
    3. Attack the Skeleton King
    4. Check SK's stats right before the last blow and kill him
    5. ----------
    6. Give Slark an Aegis of Immortal
    7. Shift some Agility from the Skeleton King
    8. Kill Slark with the Skeleton King

    Current Result:

    Stats are reset after reincarnation in both cases.

    Expected Result:

    Stats should be preserved in both cases. Aegis'd death is not the same with a regular death.

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    This should be fixed since Slark just got added to -cm.

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