If a unit that carries an Aegis of Immortal or the Skeleton King with his Reincarnation skill dies while having the Tether bind with Wisp, the Tether breaks. Tether should be preserved.

Reproduction Steps:
  1. Get a Wisp and a Skeleton King on the same team
  2. Create a random enemy hero
  3. Lower the Skeleton King's health down to an amount where he will need 1 more hit to die
  4. Tether the Skeleton King with Wisp
  5. Kill Skeleton King

Current Result:

The Tether link is at the point the Skeleton King gets to the limbo.

Expected Result:

The link should be preserved, and remain fully functional.
If the Wisp Relocates while the Tethered unit is in limbo, the Tether shall get broken, regardless of the distance travelled.

Aegis'd death is not the same with a regular death.

Not as big as the previous reports on this issue, but still, could be vital in some really specific cases.